Device Management

Connect devices via our cloud-native IoT Device Connectivity Management system and query the device for any type of information that can be provided via standard APIs, including connection status, signal strength, and network information. Manage connected devices by IMEI, MDN, or ICCID numbers and make reliable, cost-effective, and secure updates to connected devices using Firmware Over The Air (FOTA).

  • Device Health Check

  • Device Replacement

  • Inventory Management

  • Device Group Management

  • Self-Service Activation

  • Firmware OTA Updates

  • Live GPS Tracking and Triangulation

Data Usage Processing

Our patented platform allows you to control data usage by setting a specified amount of usage over customizable time limits and can be aggregated at the group, account, or device level. View your data consumption in real-time and suspend or unsuspend data usage allowance.

  • Data Usage Limits

  • Real Time Usage Measurements

  • Real-Time Suspend

  • Data Throttling

  • Aggregated Data Usage

  • Usage Alerts

  • Usage Analytics

Security Management

Easily assign and apply intrusion prevention services and block malware and other cyber threats with application controls and device policy management.

  • Policy and Group Security Customization

  • URL, IP, and Content Blocking

  • Security Category Management

  • Application Controls

  • Time of Day Restrictions

  • Fraud Detection

Data Service Provisioning

Activate your devices on any of the major global carriers for better coverage and dual-SIM capabilities. Our platform allows you to keep the same IMEI, MDN, ICCID numbers even when switching providers.

  • Multi-Carrier Activation

  • Feature Control

  • Service Changes

  • Number Porting

  • E-SIM and SIM Provisioning

  • Dual-SIM Support

  • Rate Plan Optimization

Customer Management

  • Hierarchical Account Structure

  • Customer Support and Operations Portal

  • Subscriber Management

  • Customer Lifecycle Management

Application Integration

  • Rest/SOAP APIs

  • Application Authentication

  • Third Party Integrations

  • Secure Transactions