Connecting Mission Critical Communications

Kajeet supplies public safety equipment manufacturers with the platform to manage all their mission-critical connected devices, along with the data plans and SIM cards necessary to enable them. Our data plans use multiple carriers to ensure coverage on all devices, while Wireless Backup protects against outages. Bucket data-sharing across devices and a single pool of data that never expires mean your customers don’t have to worry about overages or paying for data they never use.

Secure Remote Device Management

Sentinel makes it easy for you to maintain the health of your device. With the device management capabilities, you can remotely update applications, manage inventory of active vs. suspended devices.

Fast Device Onboarding and Network Setup

Kajeet’s superior customer and account management teams handle the kitting, activation, and setup of all your devices and ship them to any location once they are ready to go. Prefer to DIY? Our Sentinel platform has easy-to-use, self-service activation tools to activate and deactivate devices with the click of a mouse.

IoT Device Grouping Management

With the ability to create a hierarchical account structure, our Sentinel platform allows groups to inherit multiple policies and controls across different parts of your organization. Manage your organization or client groups with set security and policy requirements.

Secure Connectivity on a Private Network

Want a private connection to access your devices, instead of connecting over the public Internet? Kajeet simplifies the setup of a highly scalable and secure private network. Within minutes, you can securely connect and remotely access your IoT devices. Our intuitive portal makes it easy to configure secure IoT connectivity with just a few mouse clicks. Assign a static private IP address range to your devices, apply network security policies, and connect with your remote cellular devices. This flexibility to turn up private network on demand and add new devices within minutes means you can scale IoT projects seamlessly without impacting existing connections.

Get Started with a Pilot Program

Kajeet’s IoT Pilot Program includes up to 500MB of data per day to test network coverage, speed, and our Sentinel policy controls, all on the network of your choice.

Learn More About Our Pilot Program