A Connected Vehicle is a More Powerful Vehicle

Mobile Asset Tracking and Telematics

We help you keep track of your assets in real time, regardless of their location, using LTE-embedded SIM cards that can be inserted into any cellular device. Whether you are trying to keep track of a shipping container, or using an app to figure out the whereabouts of a bus or other vehicle, our wireless solution offers the connectivity and GPS with breadcrumb tracking to help you monitor your physical assets no matter where they go.

In-Vehicle Connectivity

Connecting your fleet gives you options not just to plug in and power devices for your drivers, but to elevate to elite status with a host of additional features. With in-vehicle connectivity, you can power devices for fleet management software and payment, enable GPS tracking and telematics, transmit information from dash cams in real-time, provide connectivity for passengers while they are in your vehicles, and communicate with your drivers in multiple ways.

  • A flexible data plan on the carrier of your choice

  • Kajeet’s Sentinel platform for device and data management

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Kajeet is offering four tiers of its Remote Connectivity bundles, with flexible terms starting at 4 months and going up to 12 months. Choose the plan that works for you.

4 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Minimum 4GB 6GB 12GB
Low Usage 8GB 12GB 24GB
Medium Usage 12GB 18GB 36GB
High Usage 20GB 30GB 60GB

Get Started with a Pilot Program

Kajeet’s IoT Pilot Program includes up to 500MB of data per day to test network coverage, speed, and our Sentinel policy controls, all on the network of your choice.

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