Kajeet helps utility companies, waste and water management, and field service companies connect and control their IoT solutions and devices.

Simplify the setup of a highly scalable and secure private cellular network. Within minutes, you can securely connect and remotely access your IoT devices. Our intuitive Sentinel portal makes it easy to configure reliable IoT connectivity with just a few mouse clicks. Assign a static private IP address range to your devices, apply network security policies, and connect with your remote cellular devices. This flexibility to turn up a private network on demand and add new devices within minutes means you can scale IoT projects seamlessly without impacting existing connections.

An IoT Connectivity Platform Optimized for Business Intelligence and Analytics

As a business intelligence tool for connected device deployments, Sentinel offers businesses and organizations critical insight into their connected devices, including the following:

  • Understand usage and network preferences for devices
  • Secure and control the way devices consume and use data
  • Provision network data that pools and rolls over across devices and networks

We make it easy to securely onboard, connect, and manage IoT devices at scale and helps to reduce the cost and effort of managing IoT device deployments. Quickly activate your devices individually or in bulk and manage permissions to secure the devices.

Smart Grid

Smart Grid

Wastewater Management

Smart Meters

Supply Chain Management

Waste and Recycling Management

Secure Remote Device Management

Sentinel makes it easy for you to maintain the health of your device. With the device management capabilities, you can remotely update applications, manage inventory of active vs. suspended devices.

Fast Device Onboarding and Network Setup

Kajeet’s superior customer and account management teams handle the kitting, activation, and setup of all your devices and ship them to any location once they are ready to go. Prefer to DIY? Our Sentinel platform has easy-to-use, self-service activation tools to activate and deactivate devices with the click of a mouse.

  • Customer Support and Operations Portal
  • Full-Service Kitting and Activation on the Network
  • Lifetime Account Management

IoT Device Grouping Management

With the ability to create a hierarchical account structure, our Sentinel platform allows groups to inherit multiple policies and controls across different parts of your organization. Manage your organization or client groups with set security and policy requirements.

Designing Your Waste Management IoT Solution

Where should you start in designing your own waste management IoT solution? Consider the following blueprint:

  • First, review the official guidelines that apply to where you operate. These may be the EPA’s effluent guidelines in the United States or the Horizon 2020 guidelines on waste in the EU.
  • Next, come up with a list of the data you need for your system. Do you need to measure pH levels, temperature, and oxygen content of wastewater, or do you also need measures of atmospheric conditions such as humidity, pressure, and solar radiation?
  • How will your sensors communicate with your data gateway, and which communication standards will you use? Data-intensive applications may require a 3G or 4G connection; systems that use less data or infrequently upload data can use an NB-IoT or LPWAN infrastructure.
  • What infrastructure do you currently have in place? Sensors and various data types run better on some networks than others. The savings that accrue from your IoT initiatives must exceed the costs of deployment for the project to make financial sense, so the IT infrastructure you have and the infrastructure you need to build a performant system are essential business considerations that cannot be overlooked.

Get Started with a Pilot Program

Kajeet’s IoT Pilot Program includes up to 500MB of data per day to test network coverage, speed, and our Sentinel policy controls, all on the network of your choice.

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