Arterra Mobility®, the industry leader for mobile network enablement for the cable industry, and Otarris™, a solution provider for custom enterprise wireless experiences, today announced the launch of Connect BackUp™, a wireless automated failover solution to reduce the business impact from Internet downtime when primary network connections fail. The Connect BackUp solution will support both Arterra and Otarris clients with a turnkey differentiated solution that allows organizations to pool and manage data across multiple wireless carriers, end-customers, lines of service, and period of time; eliminating overages or breakage giving businesses/organizations a reliable, safe, and affordable solution to protect against data, productivity, and revenue loss during service interruption.

According to Infonetics Research, companies experience an average of 501 hours of network downtime every year, and the overall downtime costs a company, on average, 3.6 percent of its annual revenue. With a Connect BackUp solution, companies and their clients can ensure business continues with constant connectivity. By leveraging the Sentinel® platform, Connect BackUp provides filtered access on multiple LTE wireless networks, optimizes bandwidth, and reduces costs by allowing only business-critical applications to access the Internet during an outage. To better secure networks, Connect BackUp provides powerful cloud-based malware and defense tools that merge with clients’ existing security architecture.

“Just one hour of downtime from disaster or an outage can cost a company millions of dollars in lost revenue and data, and can severely damage that company’s brand by making customers unhappy,” said Arterra and Otarris CEO and Founder Daniel Neal. “Our deep expertise in the wireless space, strong relationships with six North American LTE networks, and patented Sentinel platform allows us to provide a unique solution to support business continuity, keep profits flowing, and improve customer satisfaction.”

Sentinel, the core of Connect BackUp solution, provides real-time usage reporting across multiple networks and an analytics dashboard, highlighting which, and how much data is consumed by devices. These reporting capabilities empower customers to visualize trends, enable complete oversight into all connected devices, and increase customer satisfaction by proactively addressing connectivity issues. Customers have access to a broad set of pre-configured usage policies to manage what content can be accessed and how much data can be used by each device. Sentinel has a powerful collection of advanced malware defense tools that correlate threat indicators from Arterra and Otarris platforms to stop known, unknown, and evasive malware threats.

About Arterra Mobility®  

Arterra Mobility, a division of Kajeet®, Inc., helps companies to develop, launch, and optimize their wireless services and embedded devices faster and more cost-effectively than anyone else. Its highly-scalable, carrier-grade service platform that provides multi-carrier network services, OSS, BSS, e-commerce, logistics support, customer care, patented proprietary mobile policy controls and mobile wallets, and marketing support. Operating since 2003, Kajeet Inc., innovatively support more than 775 clients including school districts, libraries, government agencies, cable companies, MVNOs, and other businesses. For more information, please visit us at

About Otarris™

Otarris, a division of Kajeet®, Inc., is an industry leader for managed mobile solutions, specifically enabling enterprises to create a custom wireless experience unconstrained and their increasing need to control a broad array of IoT (Internet of Things) and other mobile devices. Otarris provides companies and government organizations with an affordable, multi-carrier, wireless connectivity solution through its patented cloud-based management platform, Sentinel®.  Kajeet, Inc., products and services, which operate on six North American wireless carriers, are protected by the following issued U.S. patents: 10,057,300; 10,009,480; 9,237,433; 9,137,389; 9,137,386; 9,125,057; 8,995,952;  8,929,857; 8,918,080; 8,774,755; 8,774,754; 8,755,768; 8,731,517; 8,725,109; 8,712,371; 8,706,079; 8,667,559; 8,644,796; 8,639,216; 8,634,803; 8,634,802; 8,634,801; 8,630,612; 8,611,885; 8,600,348; 8,594,619; 8,588,735; 8,285,249; 8,078,140; 7,945,238; 7,899,438; 7,881,697. Other patents are pending. For more information, please visit