It happens all the time. You buy data on multiple carrier accounts for all your fleet devices. One employee goes over the data limit on a regular basis white another never uses their whole data bucket. Managing the different accounts becomes confusing and expensive. Your data is being wasted on sites like Spotify, YouTube, and Netflix. At the end of the month you are left with a budget busting bill and no idea where your data was spent.

Here are four ways Otarris can ease these pain points.


Limit Data Usage to Work Tasks Only 

Consider for a moment just how much data and time is being consumed on non-work-related content and applications. These costs add up to a substantial expense to your business. You have the option to restrict employees from accessing content like Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, and other sites or apps like Fortnite, you’ll free up data that should be spent getting the job done. 

Put simply, when you limit where your data is being used, you won’t have to buy as much. Your employees will be more focused on getting their work done, and spend less time on YouTube videos. That translates into more money in your pocket. 


Stop Paying Overage Fees or Wasting Money on an Expensive Unlimited Plan 

With Otarris, all your connected devices pull data from one bucket, meaning no breakage or overage charges because no one goes over their data limit and no data goes back to the carrier at the end of the month. Our Account Managers monitor the entire account and warn you well in advance if your data seems to be getting low. So you never have to worry about paying overage fees or running out of data in a critical moment. 


Access Your Preferred Carriers Without Dealing with Multiple Carrier Accounts 

Managing devices for fleets of trucks can be filled with unexpected and often costly roadblocks, from data overages to breakage to confusing billing — especially when different trucks are using different carriers. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Our plans can be used on any combination of the six North American wireless networks, giving you the flexibility to choose the best carriers for each device location. Because you get data in bulk to use as needed, on any carrier, you don’t need separate carrier accounts. And you don’t have to worry about expensive overages or breakage. 


Keep Track of Data Usage in Real-Time 

Understanding and analyzing where and how your data is being used is the first step in getting your wireless costs under control. Our Sentinel platform offers an easily understood user interface that displays data usage in real-time and gives you the ability to run detailed reports to simplify this process. With a comprehensive picture of data usage across your connected devices, you can make needed adjustments in the moment and avoid costly surprises. 

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