Sentinel IoT Platform

Kajeet’s Sentinel platform allows you to use multiple carriers for the best cellular network in your area. Start, stop, and suspend connectivity to specific devices through our platform. Our platform also allows for increased security and productivity with application, URL, IP, and website blocking on a private network.

  • Data Usage Processing and Analytics

  • Mobile Device Management

  • Security Management and Threat Protection

  • Application Integrations

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Cellular IoT

Our data plans are flexible, meaning you can adapt them to your usage patterns, whatever they may be. Instead of buying a standard data package and losing all the unused data at the end of the month, our solution allows you pick your preferred data size per device. And because you can share data across networks and devices, you’ll never have to worry about paying for data you don’t use. With Sentinel, you’ll end up getting more use out of your data.

  • Pool and Share Data Across Account

  • Roll Over Unused Data

  • Access Multiple Carriers

  • Connect Multiple Network Types, including Cellular, NB-IoT, and CAT-M
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Get Started with a Pilot Program

Kajeet’s IoT Pilot Program includes up to 500MB of data per day to test network coverage, speed, and our Sentinel policy controls, all on the network of your choice.

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