Connect and control multiple networks across all your devices. On one platform.

Kajeet’s IoT platform and solutions allow you to increase security and productivity with application, URL, IP, and website blocking on a private network, manage device networks and data usage remotely with policy controls and reduce connectivity costs with shared and pooled data across all your devices and networks.

  • Data Usage Processing and Analytics

  • Mobile Device Management

  • Security Management and Threat Protection

  • Application Integrations

As embedded connectivity becomes central to business operations, managing data consumption and maintaining reliable wireless service will become even more critical to staying competitive. Our connectivity management platform is a network- and device-agnostic tool that offers our partners the ability to manage their data for improved efficiency and controlled cost allocation.

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Secure Connectivity on a Private Network

Want a private connection to access your devices, instead of connecting over the public Internet? Kajeet simplifies the setup of a highly scalable and secure private network. Within minutes, you can securely connect and remotely access your IoT devices. Our intuitive portal makes it easy to configure secure IoT connectivity with just a few mouse clicks. Assign a static private IP address range to your devices, apply network security policies, and connect with your remote cellular devices. This flexibility to turn up private network on demand and add new devices within minutes means you can scale IoT projects seamlessly without impacting existing connections.

Data Usage Processing and Real-Time Analytics

Kajeet offers one single dashboard for viewing, controlling and managing your data no matter how many devices you have or how many carriers you use. Our patented policy control functionality gives you the power to make sure your data is being used only how and when you want it. Set policies like time of day or day of the week allotments by groups or individual devices to manage data usage on each device, even if the SIM card gets placed into another device.

Get Started with a Pilot Program

Kajeet’s IoT Pilot Program includes up to 500MB of data per day to test network coverage, speed, and our Sentinel policy controls, all on the network of your choice.

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